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Dear friend,

One loves the country one lives in, its customs, one’s native language, spouse and children. One does not love them because they are the best ones in the world. One loves them because they are one’s own; and by loving them, one also loves oneself and the toils one has gone through for their sake.

If we come to think of it, education, also one acquired at Kopli Vocational School, is most important since the rearing up of the younger generation is the sole foundation of a secure society.

Personal growth and education are something one cannot be delivered, or given by someone as a gift. Everyone who wishes to have an education must strive for this through individual action, individual perseverance and individual effort. And there is only one thing one can get from others – motivation. Individual growth is the way to achieving education and results.

One must not stop half-way. One should stride on because there is no success without education.
I hope that everyone, at leaving our school at finishing, would have acquired three things: ample knowledge, a habit to think and a noble disposition. These are the minimal requirements for one to be able to call oneself ‘educated’.

The one who does not have ample knowledge is an ignoramus. The one who has no habit to think is immature. The one who is not of a noble disposition is a bad human being.

Friend! While studying at Kopli Vocational School, strolling in the corridors, sitting in the classrooms or playing in the gymnasium, think of the following Chinese proverb:

Wisdom is of the past, action is of the present, and joy is of the future.